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FirstCNB launched the Smart Women Program with a goal of helping women to bridge the financial literacy gap! The program is designed to empower women, through education, to feel confident making difficult financial decisions. Women of all demographics find it challenging and lack confidence when it comes to making financial decisions regarding life changing events caused by death, retirement, divorce and other uncontrollable circumstances.


Smart Women Blog Posts:

Smart Women is an education program sponsored by First Citizens National Bank. Its goal is to help women of all ages find solutions to complex financial matters in every phase of life...Read More

Credit Score: What is it?
Various factors make up your credit score. Learn about the five main factors used to calculate your score...Read More

Celebrating Agriculture: 12 Lessons Learned Growing Up on a Farm and Being a Farmer’s Wife
First Citizens National Bank President and Chief Operating Office Judy Long attributes growing up on a farm to teaching her a strong work ethic and self-discipline...Read More

Fraud and COVID-19
With the world managing the effects of COVID-19, fraudsters are attempting to exploit those uncertainties with a variety of scams...Read More

Credit and COVID-19
Understanding your credit report and credit history is important for every consumer...Read More

Smart Women Events Go Virtual!
It’s no surprise to anyone that the world looks very different today than it did earlier this year. Will this pandemic eventually end? Of course. Will life get back to “normal” for most of us? I believe so… ...Read More

Back to School with Banzai!
Whether you have kids of your own, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc., we all have children in our lives that will be entering a new school environment this year..Read More

Continuing Education as Smart Women

As the summer comes to a close and kids begin going back to school or even doing distance learning, have you found yourself wondering if you could “go back to school?” ..Read More

Smart Women in Our Community: Christi Allen

The “Smart Women in Our Community” series serves to highlight Smart Women making a difference in our communities by telling their stories, encouraging other women, and empowering other women...Read More



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