Melding Holiday Traditions

It’s no surprise that many of our holiday traditions will look a little different this year. Will we travel or not? Whose house will we celebrate at? Will we gather outside or indoors? Do we wear our masks? Do we bring our own food? The list could go on for days! Now may even be a good time to talk about melding holiday traditions. Check out our YouTube Video. Are there some traditions you think need updating or doing away with? Now is the perfect time to talk about those! Ask your family & friends, “What traditions make sense now?” Here are some simple steps to help!

1. Listen to input & include everyone in the discussion.
2. Keep the traditions you love by asking for help! No one should have to do everything alone.
3. Plan ahead & be specific.
4. Be sure to enjoy your time together!

The holiday season can be some of the most joyous & heartbreaking times of the year. Many aren’t celebrating with loved ones they’ve lost over the year, but many are celebrating with new family members & friends! No matter how you celebrate the holidays this year, we hope you are able to enjoy what is truly important – while staying safe & healthy.