Good If You...

  • Are Just Starting to Save
  • Are Saving Towards a Goal Like a Family Vacation, Christmas Fund, Vehicle Down Payment or Rainy Day Fund
  • Want a Simple Account With Low Balance Requirements


  • $100 Minimum Opening Balance
  • $250 Minimum Daily Balance Required to Avoid $3 Quarterly Service Charge1
  • 6 Withdrawals or Transfers per Quarter2
  • FREE Quarterly Statement
Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

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Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

1 $3 quarterly service charge waived with $250 minimum daily balance.

2 If you exceed six withdrawals or transfers, there will be a $2.50 service charge for each additional withdrawal or transfer paid. Examples of withdrawals or transfers include an in-person withdrawal, withdrawal or transfer authorized by telephone, Telephone Banking transfer, or an Online Banking transfer, preauthorized withdrawal or transfer to a third party.  Examples of a third party transfer would be a preauthorized debit for payment of an insurance premium or a request for a wire transfer of funds. Examples of a preauthorized transfer would be an Online Banking transfer of funds, a Telephone Banking transfer of funds, or an automated transfer of funds to cover an overdraft in a Demand Deposit Account.