Good If You...

  • Want to Maximize Earning Potential
  • Seek Fixed-Rate Interest Options for Various Lengths of Investment Term
  • Desire the Security of FDIC Insured Deposits
  • Don’t Need Ongoing Access to Your Funds


  • $500 Minimum Opening Balance on Terms 6 Months or Greater
  • $2,500 Minimum Opening Balance on Terms 3 Months to Less Than 1 Year
  • $10,000 Minimum Opening Balance on Terms Less than 3 Months
  •   A Wide Variety of Terms (7 Days – 5 Years+)1
  • Automatic Renewal Option

Balances Over $250,000?

Ask us how to maintain FDIC insurance on your entire balance through CDARS


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1 Penalty for early withdrawal is based on the CD’s term and the amount withdrawn. Certain terms are eligible for a grace period. Interest payments and compounding options are also based on the term you choose.